IT Services

Timberline Computers does more than sell you a box of equipment. Our services include hardware/software setup and integration, repair, management, and more.

Network Services

Timberline Computers can help you with all your network needs. Including infrastructure design, implementation, management, and testing.

Internet Services

Timberline Computers offers competitive, personal service for your web design, web hosting, email service, and other internet needs. We also represent the ConnectPoint rural internet provider service.

Photographic Services

Timberline Computers offers professional photography services for advertising, website, graphical design, and other business needs. Limited personal photography services are available by request.

Graphic Design

Timberline Computers can help design your logo, brochures, newsletters, advertising, and all your graphic design needs.


Call Timberline Computers for expert business advice regarding your technology questions. We can design a personalized training program for your business as well.


Break — Fix

Call Timberline Computers when you need help. We'll do our best to get it running again fast.

System Optimization

Timberline Computers can help make your system run optimally and efficiently. That can save you money.

System Configuration

Installing new Equipment. Timberline Computers will make sure it is setup right and works the best it can with your existing infrastructure.

System Management

Are some aspects of technology too much for you to care for? Timberline Computers can provide a solution for backup, hardware care, and more.